I'm so glad you've made it here!

I am Olivia Lott Beauvais - I used to be known as the girl behind the camera at Olivia Lott Photography. Then, this crazy, somewhat unexpected thing happened... I got pregnant with my first child! It was at that moment, I hit a turning point in my life. I very well could not photograph 35-40 weddings per year anymore. So I quit accepting new wedding clients. Right then, I made the incredibly difficult decision to quit photographing weddings on the level that I had been for EIGHT years! So where can you find me these days? Well, I'm very pregnant with that sweet baby boy & I'm photographing my last 11 weddings this year (2018). I am planning to take a hiatus from weddings & photograph for FUN again! I have so many beautiful, amazing friends & client turned friends that I'll continue to photograph for on a very small scale. I'm also still offering elopement coverage! So if you're planning a super small ceremony, give me a shout! I'm super excited to photograph my sweet boy too! Keep up with my life & how it has turned right here on my website!