Deni // Two Rivers Park // Little Rock, Arkansas Maternity Photographer

Awaiting Annie Jane

Meet Deni & her husband, Dustin! They are the sweetest couple & I can't wait to meet their sweet little girl when she arrives! Deni came to me needing maternity portraits at the end of August/Early September. We decided to do them at the end of August & boy, it was hot! Deni & Dustin stuck it out & we completed their session in a mere 45 minutes!! I couldn't believe all of the amazing photos we were able to get in such a short amount of time, but when it's that hot, you move quickly! We're just a few weeks shy of little girl's arrival so be on the look out for a Lifestyle Newborn with this sweet family soon!

Olivia Lott

Olivia Lott Photography, 20 Chalamont Way, Little Rock, AR, 72223