Baby Meredith // Lifestyle Newborn Session // Shreveport, LA Photographer

What I love about lifestyle photography is it's always something different. Sometimes there are siblings involved, sometimes it's their first child, sometimes the house is bright, & sometimes the house is dark. There are so many differences from one session to the next. I had an absolute blast with Shelby & her little family. I've photographed them many, many times because I photographed Brody as a very small child & then I photographed Shelby & Josh's wedding! So I've had the opportunity to get to know them pretty well. I was more than thrilled when she reached out for me to photograph Meredith's lifestyle newborns. Brody was absolutely hilarious that day - he even brought out his own camera to take photos. Well, of course I had to document that. But that's what I enjoy the most about lifestyle sessions - they're so real. The baby was crying, it was okay. Brody wanted to take photos, that was okay! Not to mention, they made the cutest photos!!! 

Olivia Lott

Olivia Lott Photography, 20 Chalamont Way, Little Rock, AR, 72223