Ashley & Chris // Downtown Shreveport, LA // Wedding Photographer

Ashley & Chris were married on February 27th & I realized I never got a chance to blog their engagements! I tried something a little new with these two. We set up their engagement blog post by interviewing them! Let me know what you think! 

So, tell me how you two met.

We were set up by mutual friends. Chris' best friend had been bringing his dogs to Ashley's family veterinary clinic for years (as did his parents). One day he and his wife were in with their dog and decided Ashley would be perfect to set up with Chris. Matt (the best friend) had his mom call, because she and Ashley were friends), and ask if it was okay to give her number to a really nice guy. Chris called and we went on our first date on 12/12/12. It was LOVE at first sight and we were together that day forward.

Tell me your proposal story! 

Chris had been acting like a total weirdo all day and wanted me to go out to dinner during the Big Brother finale, which was insane. He somehow convinced me that it would be ok and we went to Monjunis on Louisiana Ave, my favorite place. He continued acting completely bizarre, getting up and down, going to the bathroom, not looking at me, etc. until he finally fell out of the booth and on to his knee. He had apparently had the ring made and it was ready earlier than expected. When they called him to pick it up, he knew he couldn't wait. He spent the entire day talking to my dad, my mom, his family, and avoiding me at all cost. It was low key and perfect.

Ashley, what do you love most about Chris?

His sense of humor and all his little quirks. How he has always made me feel like the most important thing in his life. His sweet dance moves. How much he loves his family and friends. The enthusiasm for his favorite bands that he hides somewhere deep inside of him until we are seeing them live - then BOOM - you've never seen a happier man.

Chris, what do you love most about Ashley?

I love her sense of humor because she makes me laugh at her. She's kind and loves all little animals. I love how she loves me, because it is unconditional. When we are together, she makes me feel like the only thing around.

How did you decide on the outfits for your photos?

I liked the way red and pink looked in pictures. Wanted to wear something white and ethereal because it seemed fitting for engagement pictures. Wore my sparkle wedding shoes since I broke the zipper on my boots...

Any tips for others on how to prepare for the session?

down a shot of tequila, pick a day with no rain, and relax!! Best advice? Be yourself. It took us the majority of our time to loosen up and get comfortable. You are making memories so why not have fun!

How was your experience during the session?

LOVED it. It was rainy and gross, I destroyed a boot, but I wouldn't have changed a thing. The pictures are beautiful and the little hiccups made it memorable.

What's one piece of advice you'd give other couples for their session?

Wear clothes that you love and that you're comfortable wearing. Make sure your shoes fit or else bring backups. HAVE FUN!!